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Monday, September 17, 2012

Psychologists Search For Answers Too

Yes it is true – psychologist searches for answers too. Since we go to them with all our problems, it is a little difficult to imagine that they may have issues too. So what kind of problems do they face? And is it really important for us to know?

The answer is yes, because their problems are linked to us indirectly. The main problem is that of perception – a counsellor’s perceptive views and emotions coming out towards the client. The process is called counter transference. A good psychologist searches for ways to prevent this from happening. But how do we find out if a psychologist is good or not. Though experiences differ from person to person, getting a little review before you visit a therapist may not be a bad idea. For example all across the east coast, one may look from San Antonio therapists to West Hartford therapists, but if you had a directory that gave you a profile of each counsellor and kind of cases he is adept at handling, maybe your work would become easier. TherapyTribe aims at the same. After all, you wouldn’t want to visit a therapist whose perfective influences rank heavily on their judgement. That would only affect you in the long run.

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