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Monday, September 17, 2012

Women Are In Greater Need For Anger Management

Going to a therapist because you cannot manage your anger is not easy – more so for women. Women have always been considered the shy and reserved group thereby leading to the feeling that anger management issues in women are not healthy. It is not easy to show your anger when there is shame and confusion attached to it. So what do women do – how do they deal with it?

The most important thing to do is to create a work life balance. With women having as hectic schedules as men and as many deadlines to achieve and not to forget the family that is constantly screaming for attention, this may not seem like an easy option. The problem is more rampant in the hub cities like London and New York where the pressure is higher. Websites like TherapyTribe that offer London counselling may find increasing number of women approaching them for anger management in these cities than in other parts of the country.

A clever idea might be to know your triggers and to avoid them. If you are unaware of your triggers, consider consulting a therapist about the same. And most importantly, chill out. If you hold a grudge against someone or something, it is only you who will get hurt. Letting go helps your heart heal and that is the way to be.

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