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Monday, September 17, 2012

Know Your Sex Therapist Before You Book A Session

If your relationship is faltering due to physical issues that either you or your partner may be facing, it is probably most appropriate to consult a sex therapist. However, things are easier said than done, especially given the fact that there is a huge stigma attached to finding a therapist with whom you can talk freely about your sexual problems.

Not only people, but even counsellors find it difficult to talk about sex. But it is a crucial aspect of your life that needs to be resolved so that the balance of your life may be restored. A good idea may be to have a look at the profile of the therapist before consulting him. That way, one is aware of how much prior experience the counsellor has in handling such problems and one can also decide if he/she want to talk to him/her about it, or consider someone else. Websites like TherapyTribe are a big help in this. With their exhaustive directory, it does not matter if you are looking for Berkeley therapists or for someone all the way across the east coast. You are sure to find someone listed.

And this is vital because it is such an important but private part of your life that you cannot be comfortable about discussing it. You need to know that you shall be comfortable in talking to him/her.

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