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Saturday, May 5, 2012

How TherapyTribe helped me Find a Licensed Therapist for Cognitive Therapy

I am here to tell you how I found a licensed therapist to help me with my depression through TherapyTribe. I was specifically looking for a therapist who had prior experience in offering cognitive therapy for depression, as I had got some results with that type of therapy in Detroit, where I used to live earlier.

You see, I have recently moved to Dallas; otherwise, I have lived my whole life in Detroit. I had been getting cognitive therapy in a counseling center there for a short time. My therapist at the counseling center had even said that I would be okay in no time at all, if I continued with my sessions so diligently. But then, I had to move to Dallas, due to some unavoidable circumstances.

I wanted to continue with my counseling nod therapy, but Dallas was a completely new place for me, mad I didn’t where to look for a licensed therapist or counseling center. Then a coworker at my new office suggested that I try TherapyTribe. It was indeed very easy to search for therapists and counselors in Dallas with TherapyTribe, thanks to their zip code search option. I went through some therapist profiles and after talking to some of them, I finally chose one whom I felt comfortable with.

I have now almost fully recovered from my depression. It would not have been possible without TherapyTribe. So through this post, I want to say, thanks a ton, TherapyTribe! You are the best!

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