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Friday, May 4, 2012

How TherapyTribe helped me Find a Therapist for Grief Counseling

I was recently trying to find a psychiatrist to help me with my grief and sorrow, after the death of my twin sister; we had been always very close and her leaving me in so suddenly, so finally, really affected me. At first, I was too grief stricken to notice any change in myself. It was only when my sadness refused to lift even after a year, and my daily routine became affected that I felt some need for qualified help. I thought I should find a grief counselor to whom I could unburden myself.

I started trying to find a therapist with experience in grief counseling. But there was no one whom I could turn to; none of my friends or acquaintances could suggest an appropriate counselor. Even my general practitioner could not tell me where to find a grief counselor.

Then one day, while researching on the web, I came across TherapyTribe’s website. It’s an online directory and is the best option if you want to find a psychiatrist for any type of mental health issue. Ii was very easy for me to find a grief counselor in my city, thanks to their easy search options. You can even find a therapist by just typing in your zip code.

Thanks to my counseling sessions, I am much more at peace now. I really recommend this website to anyone who is having a hard time trying to find a psychiatrist or counselor.

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