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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Therapytribe helped me find the perfect Psychiatrist, Toronto, for couples therapy

I had been struggling through my married life since a while, but was too shy to consult a psychiatrist, Toronto. My husband lost his job recently and he indulged himself in drinking to escape the reality. I tried to comfort him and talk through this several times, but he wouldn't listen to me and instead fight. I had troubles dealing with his behavior. Therefore, rather than asking some known person for advice, I tried to find out psychologists in my area through Internet.

I browsed through several websites but ultimately stopped on Therapytribe. It was exactly what I was searching for. When I searched for psychologists in our area, it turned out that a good psychiatrist resided very near our locality. It wasn't even half a kilometer from our place but I was unaware of it. The psychiatrist was very considerate and listened to all my problems very patiently and advised me to bring my husband along, for couple’s therapy. Although it was hard, but I somehow convinced him to accompany me.

The psychiatrist greatly helped me and husband resolve issues between us and face the problems with a positive outlook. Day by day things are returning to normal. I am really thankful to Therapytribe. It helped me find the perfect psychiatrist, Toronto, for couples therapy.

It is indeed the best place to look for well-qualified psychologists and psychiatrists nearby.

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