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Friday, April 27, 2012

Toronto Therapists and Counsellors from TherapyTribe

Are you looking for Toronto counsellors or Toronto psychologists? If yes, you should use TherapyTribe, which is a leading directory for therapists, counsellors and psychologists in North America and other parts of the globe as well. I live in Toronto, and can vouch for the fact that they offer a wide list of Toronto therapists, counsellors and psychologists.      

It was some time ago, that I had been diagnosed with an eating disorder. I wanted some help with my condition, but wasn’t exactly comfortable with the counsellor suggested by my general practitioner. But I didn’t know where to look for other Toronto counsellors. Then my best friend, whose parents had got marital counselling, said that they had found Toronto psychologists for marital therapy through TherapyTribe. 

When I went to their website and searched for Toronto therapists and psychologists who offered help with eating disorders, I was so relieved; there were so many entries! I shortlisted a few Toronto counsellors whose treatment approach seemed most suitable for me, and after talking to them on the phone, finally chose one.  

I am now well on my way to recovery. I wanted to thank TherapyTribe for its help in helping me find a good counsellor. That’s why I wrote this post, recommending it to everyone who needs to find any kind of Toronto psychologists, counsellors or therapists. You really couldn’t find a better directory.

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