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Friday, January 27, 2012

Using TherapyTribe to find Seattle therapists is the best!

A month ago, I found myself searching for Seattle therapists. I had just moved into Seattle, and if not for TherapyTribe and their listings of Seattle therapists and Washington therapists, things would have been much different today. And by different I mean worse.

My position at the telecom company I work for requires me to travel and relocate constantly. I, along with my family, have even moved as much as four times to four different states within a year. So it’s hard. But the real trouble began when everybody in my family started to act weird. It all started with us being detached from our many temporary neighbors, and then we moved on to being aloof with each other. My wife and I decided to look for Seattle therapists as soon as we landed in the city.

Naturally I had no idea about Washington therapists since I was new to the state. I decided to search online. That’s when I found TherapyTribe. I looked through their Washington therapists listings to look for Seattle therapists at first, but soon enough I found out that I can do that with just knowing my zip code. I found a therapist without much hassles, and with the contact details I found on the website, I called her office and set up an appointment.

Everything is fine now, we are normal once again. A big credit goes to TherapyTribe and their listings. Thank you TherapyTribe!

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