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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Child Therapists and Marriage Counselors in Los Angeles

We were in desperate need of quality Houston therapists a little over a year ago. Our cat, Captain Botdafarm, had just died and we suspected that our two daughters had both gone into depression. We had never required the services of a psychologist before, and always thought we never will, until then. So it was only logical that we had no idea about Houston psychologists.

I asked around work if anybody could refer names of good Houston therapists , but nobody was sure if their therapist handled 6 year-olds. Then our boss suggested that I use TherapyTribe, he told me that it had quite a list of Houston psychologists. I instantly went to the website, searched for Houston therapists using my zip code and got my prayers answered! There was indeed a list of Houston psychologists which I could access easily. Each therapist had a personalized profile of their own where they could list all their details like client focus and office address. Needless to say, I chose a psychologist soon enough and gave her a call.

My daughters got fine after just a session. Everything was fine again, and we bought them another cat too. They christened him with a cuter name, Mr. Disweeldytu. But a huge part of the credit goes to TherapyTribe and their list of Houston therapists! Without their list of Houston psychologists , it would have been much harder. Thank you TherapyTribe!

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