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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finding Charlotte Therapists with TherapyTribe – My Experience

Looking for Charlotte therapists who can help you with mental health counseling can be tough. How do I know? Well, I too have gone through the frustration of searching for the right therapist, to help me with my depression. The first therapist I went to, to whom I was referred by my general health professional, was not very convenient. He was located quite far from my place, so going for therapy sessions took up all my free time. That’s when I started looking around for other counselors.

But where was I to look? My doctor didn’t have other references, and I was a bit wary of asking friends. Luckily, I found TherapyTribe. It was when I was looking for some depression self help tips online. I was curious and checked out the website. I was very hopeful when I saw that they listed Charlotte therapists . I browsed through the profiles given on the website, and they were very reassuring. I selected a few therapists who were near to my place, and talked to them on the phone. I met a couple of them and went with one who seemed ‘right’.

I am finally feeling more calm and content these days. I want to thank TherapyTribe from the bottom of my heart for helping me get in touch with my counselor. It’s the best web resource for people like me.

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