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Friday, December 3, 2010

Therapytribe Adds New Marriage Counselors to Its Website has updated its website with new profiles of certified Marriage Counselors. All these counselors are expert therapists of their field. The website maintains a detailed listing of expert therapists and counselors practicing throughout the country. This is the right portal for those who need help to find a Therapist.

Commenting on the addition of new profiles in the website, says the founder of, Mr. Ryan FitzGerald, "We realize that it is an important aspect of a helpful web-portal to constantly add new updates to their existing database. In order to provide maximum help to those who have been isolated from the society due to depression or an illness we ensure that the entire community of counselors is available with us. People looking for professional marriage counseling sessions can refer to our site for locating a counselor who can help them resolve the issues."

Besides holding profiles of Therapists, Marriage Counselors and Psychologists, the site also holds useful information that one needs to find a Therapist. The portal has been developed in a user friendly manner that can help you locate a counselor in your vicinity just by entering your area zip code. There is useful information in the profile of the therapist that includes his/her name, number, geographical address and website url. In addition to the contact information, the profile also contains details regarding practice specialty, client focus, practice details, approach description and practice description of the therapist.

Adds Mr. FitzGerald, “We have designed our site, keeping in mind the requirements of the common man. The search tool on our website makes it like a child’s play for you to locate a certified counselor right next to your door.

The profile information is helpful as you can conceive an idea of the counselor’s treatment method. Before consulting a Psychologist you can go through the entire profile of the counselor to ensure that you are approaching the right person.”

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