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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

5 Health and Wellness Communities

1. Directory

Health Directory is a best way that in increasing the number of people accessing your sites and also helps to share health topics, tips and update news. Therapists and health counselors help many people live better lives. If you want to find your health expert in your city, can easily find in a local health or therapists directory. It save your time, money and also provide therapists professional details on web.

Try to find your therapists by -
* By Location
* By Zip code
* By Nearest Area

Reference sites : Find a Therapist, San Diego Therapists, New York Therapists, Therapist Directory

2. Health Blog

Blogs always help to share your experience and update news on all topics. The health & nutrition blog present new update and analysis on current. Get all the health information of Anxiety Support, HIV, Anxiety, Depression in a blog.

How Health Blog Help us :

* Provide Updated News On World.
* Health Notes By Experts
* Daily Precaution
* Health Promotion
* Free Fitness Trainings

Reference Blogs: Depression Blog, Anxiety Blog, OCD Blog, Aids Blog, Addiction Blog

3. Health Forums

Health Forum help us to provide fitness communications, nutritious information, treatment experience, new research products and other health topics that useful for us.

How Health Forum Help Online :

* Group of Health Expert
* New Health Announcement
* Health and wellness discussion
* Get Support on the Boards
* Write Your Post/Thread

Reference Forums :Depression Forum, Anxiety Forum, OCD Forum, HIV Forum, Addiction Forum

4. Health Chat Rooms

Health Chat room is a place where you can get your all health and fitness questions answered by therapists, counselor, Psychologist and other health experts.

How Health Chat Room Help us Online :

* Free Health Chat Rooms
* Health Sharing Videos
* Discussion on Health Topics
* Ask A Questions
* Read Health Experts Answer

Reference Chat Room : Depression Chat Rooms, Recovery Chat Rooms, Aids Chat Rooms, OCD Chat, Anxiety Chat

5. Online Health Group

Health Support groups connect all people facing similar problem and challenges on life. Group Members can share their experiences, self-opinion and advice on group. Find or add support groups in your region, by country, state, zip, or town.

How It Help us :

* Daily Health Tips
* Post Your Comments
* Health Questions And advice
* Health tips And Other information
* Give & Get help

Reference Groups : Depression Groups, Anxiety Support Groups, OCD Support, HIV Support Groups

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