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Monday, November 22, 2010

ADHD Symptoms and Treatments Information on Therapy Directory, a unique therapist directory, has expanded its database and has added an advanced optimized search engine to provide its customers with information regarding ADHD symptoms and its treatment processes. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a continuing chronic syndrome that disturbs millions of children and can pass into adulthood; provides radical features that make it easier for customers to find counsellors depending upon the city, state or the therapy in consideration. The company provides a detailed list including all contact information, email addresses and links to the practitioner’s personal blog
Ryan FitzGerald, co-founder of Webtribes Inc., the owner of, mentions that “For the best information about a therapist you can consult a therapy directory as it has all the information about the licensed counsellors in your areas”. This further exemplifies the flexibility of the search engine for every customer. categorises impulsive behaviour, hyperactivity and lack of attention as primary symptoms of this particular disorder. Counsellors and practitioners’ listed on the website further say that the treatments for the disorder include therapy along with medication. Because of the severity of the illness, it is of prime importance that the symptoms be identified and further treatment may be carried forward. makes available to its customers detailed information on the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment for both child and adult cases etc. The company also gives its user the privilege to search for therapists based upon various fields including name, zip code, city, country, type of practitioner, type of session conducted, the approach of the treatment, the demographic specialty of the therapist, the alignment in context etc.

“As per the counsellors at, even an adult can suffer from this disorder. The symptoms may not be as acute as in the case of children, but unstable relationships, low work performance, low self-esteem have been classified as the major symptoms’ observable. ADHD can be further accompanied by mood, anxiety or personality disorder”, states provides updated and accurate information on similar complications associated with the illness.

The company also provides a detailed and content rich list of all therapists including their contact information, their practise speciality, professional degree and certifications held, all supplementary information regarding fee charged, insurance acceptance, office hours, a Google map of the office location, a brief description of the approach and practise etc. has gained immense popularity in recent times for its modernized and precise content management system. The company provides a detailed description of all queries processed and also on the various symptoms and treatment processes for the diseases queried

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