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Tuesday, December 14, 2010 Offers Depression Support Online

San Diego, CA, December 15, 2010: – offers depression support online and is a complete resource for support methods and treatments for depression. It also provides detailed descriptions of symptoms, causes and medication for depression.

Depression can affect anyone. When it does, it interferes with daily life of those afflicted with it. It affects the normal functioning of life, and causes pain to the patient and those who live with him. Online Depression help support can assist patients through depression. There are many features on DepressionTribe, like depression blogs, forums, events, polls and games. People affected with depression, can discuss their problems with other members of the support groups who are dealing with the same issues. Members can actively participate in forums and depression blogs.

Living with depression is very difficult for people. Often, depression leads to or co-exists with other disorders and illnesses. "The cause of depression is basically a combination of genetic, biochemical, environmental and psychological factors. These factors work along with other illnesses and trigger depression. Anxiety disorders such as post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder sometimes accompany depression", explains DepressionTribe’s health info section. The treatments prescribed are also listed on the website. Once diagnosed, the person affected with depression can be treated through a number of methods.

DepressionTribe also offers information and online support for people affected with bipolar disorders. Bipolar support online with DepressionTribe can assist in getting information on bipolar disorders and the support one needs to understand this disorder. Any person who feels he is suffering from bipolar disorder can go to the website, find out about symptoms, and understand treatment options listed on the website. To provide bipolar support online, the website has forums, blogs, a chat room, games and more.

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