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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Symptoms And Self-Care Of Five Diseases

1. Cold

The symptoms of a cold develop slowly and can include:

* Fever up to 102°F
* Runny or stuffy nose
* Sore throat
* Cough
* Sneezing
* Fatigue
* Muscle aches
* Headache
* Watery eyes

*Get plenty of rest
*Drink Plenty of fluids.

2. Sinusitis

The symptoms of sinusitis include:

* Pain or pressure in the forehead
* Headache
* Fever

* Nasal congestion
* Reduced sense of smell and taste

* Cough, which may be worse at night
* Bad breath (called halitosis)

* An ache in the teeth


* Get plenty of rest
* Sip hot liquids and drink plenty of fluids.
* Talk with your doctor
* Don’t use a nasal spray
* Avoid alcohol


Flu symptoms usually appear suddenly and can include:

* Fever over 102°F
* Stuffy nose
* Nausea
* Chills and sweats
* Fatigue
* Muscle aches, especially in your back.
* Cough
* Headache
* Loss of appetite


* Use salt water.
* Throat sprays.
* Talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
* Avoid alcohol

Other Symptoms

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