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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why OCD Support is Important!

An Obsessive Compulsive Disorder forum, blog or group significantly aids in providing OCD support to the person suffering this illness. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, commonly referred to as OCD is a surreptitious disease in which an individual experiences uncontrolled anxiety and intrusive thoughts which leads him or her to reveal repetitive behavior. It is a state of uneasiness where one is found to be obsessed with unwanted thoughts thereby performing the same actions again and again. Feelings like fear, mistrust and insecurity dominate the mind of the person suffering from OCD.

It is a common belief of the OCD patients that other people, be it family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues or even strangers are talking negative about them. Such acute disorders force the individuals to enter a mental state, wherein they become obsessed with sexual impulses, religious beliefs or nervous habits. For instance, an OCD patient may be found to indulge in washing hands time and again or in checking things repeatedly. Hence, an individual suffering with such extreme disorder inevitably requires OCD support.

Many a times, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder remains latent in individuals and is discovered only in severe cases. Most of us ignore the symptoms of OCD in the sufferer’s behavior and consider the person to be psychotic. Honestly speaking, this is the last thing we should be doing. The various ways by which one can provide OCD support encompasses behaving politely and patiently with the person, communicating positively with a strong tolerance level, identifying the symptoms and not considering them as mistakes, becoming accustomed with the indicators of OCD, participating actively in the treatment implementation process.

Research reveals that around 2.3% of the world population with ages between 18 and 54 are found to suffer from OCD. The number of OCD patients in the United States is almost 3.3 million, while in the United Kingdom it has gone over 1 million. Hence, it is strongly recommended that all, who are victims of OCD, should join an OCD support group. Those who are related or non-related to the sufferers of this disorder can truly help them by writing an OCD blog. An OCD blog has the potential to go a long way in spreading awareness to all those who have been completely unknown to this secret disease in themselves or in their fellow beings. Another significant way of educating people about this particular mental disorder is by offering an Obsessive Comprehensive Disorder forum, wherein individuals suffering from OCD can share their own experiences with other sufferers. An Obsessive Comprehensive Disorder forum is also open to those who do not suffer from OCD but like to post instances of other suffers thereby enabling all to stand together and to deal with this weakness confidently.

Samantha Moore, a colleague of mine used to wear black glasses in the office, suspecting that people might read her mind through her eyes. On hearing the logic, I realized that she is suffering from OCD. I suggested her to visit OCDTribe, a free online OCD support group about which I have heard a lot. She started exchanging her feelings on the forum and reading blogs revealing stories of many like her.

"Thanks to such support communities which veritably helped my colleague to improve."

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