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Monday, July 30, 2012

Whether you are perturbed about your child’s weird fears or trauma or going into modes of despondency for the constant conflict disturbing your marital life, a Psychiatrist Toronto can be of immense help. Having specializations in a number of areas concerning family life, psychologists try to uproot problems cropping up in relationships in myriad forms through therapeutic methods proffered via Child Therapy, Family Therapy and Couples Therapy. Here is a glimpse into the significant role that the Psychiatrist Toronto plays in helping you triumph over problems in various relationships.

Couples Therapy- The basis of Couples Therapy lies in addressing the problems rocking a couple’s relationship or replacing the pessimistic behavior or feelings which any or both of the couples in a committed relationship might be going through with positive ones. Here the role of the psychologist is to lend a patient ear to the problems or anxieties, proffer a dialogue to normalize the conflicting emotions, help the couples understand the areas which they need to work on and gradually empowering them to overcome the issues on their own.

Child Therapy- In this the role of the counselor is to apply methods such as Play Therapy, Music, Art and the likes to bring out the dormant thoughts and psychological problems in young children who have not yet developed the ability to express themselves like adults. In case of adolescents and older children, methods such as role play and talk therapy are applied. A Psychiatrist Toronto may even work with the parents to enlighten them on ways to handle difficult children or those with certain disorders or disabilities.

Family Therapy- Family therapy may include dealing with issues cropping up between spouses, or between parents and children and even certain problems involving the whole family. The therapist here may decide to have individual sessions with each family member or indulge in discussion with the whole family.

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