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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Therapist helped me find my Alameda therapist

I was looking for an Alameda therapist to help me overcome my OCD a year ago. I had recently moved into the city and had developed unusual habits because of all the anxiety and pressure of moving into a new home. It was a hard period for me and I didn’t know who to turn to for help.

My condition worsened with time. I was not used to life in the new city. My OCD was evolving to become severe anxiety attacks. I needed to find an Alameda therapist fast. One day one of my colleagues told me about TherapyTribe. He told me that he faced problems when he first moved in too, and had used the website to find himself a psychiatrist. He had used it a couple of times before to find Highland therapists, and had been satisfied with it. He even showed me how to use the website and found me some Highland therapists to help me learn.

I used TherapyTribe to find an Alameda therapist and called her immediately. I was completely cured in a few months. I still thank my psychiatrist over and over again, and my colleague who made things clearer for me with his Highland therapists example. But the biggest thanks go to TherapyTribe and their amazing service, without them I would still be eating my own hair. Thank you TherapyTribe.

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