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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Therapists in Chicago : An Introduction

We help people to meet your Chicago therapists to restore movement and function, relieve pain and prevent further injury. Each patient has a different modality for the treatment depending on the injury.
Come to check our therapy directory to find more about Causes Of mental and physical problem.

Dr. John B. Houck, Ph.D.

I have enjoyed working as a counselor since 1974. I remember how much counseling helped me with my anxiety and depression when I needed it, and it has been a joy to me to help people ever since.
Meet Me : 180 N. Michigan Ave.
Suite 2403 Chicago, Illinois 60601
t: 773-263-8855
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Dr. James R. Iberg

I work to create a safe space within which you can open up to the subtleties and nuances of your own feelings. You discover wisdom accumulated from life experience, and previously frustrating problems and painful situations get resolved.
Meet me :180 N. Michigan Avenue,Chicago, IL 60601 2009
t: 847-864-0303
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Dr Laura Lee Anders

My practice is patient oriented, care and service. Providing the comprehensive care that comes from an integration- both psychotherapy and medication treatments.
Meet Me :25 E Washington st,
suite 1700 Chicago,
t: 312-727-6085

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Mr. Larry Nash

Counseling is my third career. A constant thread through these three careers is my interest in solving problems, understanding complex systems, and being helpful to people around me.

Meet Me : 30 Michigan Ave,
Suite 1922 Chicago,
Illinois 60602
t: 312-635-1753
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Carol Ryan

Frustrated? Stuck? Lacking purpose or direction? I understand. I can help. I provide a secure place to be yourself and express your thoughts. Life coaching takes you to your answers within.

Meet me :Chicago, Illinois 60610
t: 708 383-1312
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